Abnormal Breathing in Cats What is the Cause and How to Resolve?

Jun 21 2023


You may discover breathing fast while sleeping consistently more than 30 breaths per minute, this could be an early sign of heart failure, lower rates may be no cause for concern.
Lung bruising is referred to as pulmonary contusions, defined because of blunt trauma resulting in decompression of the thoracic wall which consists of a bony framework that is held together by twelve thoracic vertebrae the spine which gives rise to the ribs that encircle the lateral and anterior thoracic cavity. The plasma and blood of the feline leaks into the inner lung followed by massive infiltration as well as inflammation depending on the damage sustained, clinical signs may not be evident for up to twelve hours post trauma and can progress for up to 48 hours.
Accumulation of blood or fluid inside the lungs caused by trauma causes being kicked, hit by car, or falling. The lungs fill with air to supply oxygen to the whole body, if the lungs are damage or contain fluids, the organ will experience a decreased ability to complete normal functions.
Symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe, you may notice an increase in respiratory rate, shortness of breath may have to open mouth to breathe, will be in distress, her mucous membranes may become blue in coloration.
So how long does a bruised lung take to Heal? One or more weeks depending on the injury.


If treated early most cats will experience overall good health recover fully and no long-term effects, however cats that are severely anaemic or suffer from autoimmune diseases or cancer can have a more prognosis and require long-term medication and treatment.

Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells, red blood cells provide oxygen to body tissues. This can be B12 Deficiency.

Neurologic Disorders

This results when a neurological disorder from a disruption to your cat’s nervous system, if the issue is in the brain, seizures may be present, if there is an infection in the spinal cord may result in an unsteady gait, problems with limb functioning or complete paralysis.

So, what are the treatments? Corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, Antibiotis, Antifungals, or antiparasitic drugs, nutritional supplements, or pain management.

Some herbal treatments:

Bupleurum Root

Bupleurum Root for cat nervous system problems due to its hepatoprotective, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pubescent Angelica Root

Pubescent Angelica Root is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb used to treat arthritis.

Chinese Skullcap Root

Chinese Skullcap Root also promotes calming effects.

Kudzu Root

Herbalists traditionally use Kudzu Root to treat headache, upset stomach, dizziness, and vomiting.

White Peony Root

According to Chinese herbalists, white peony root has effects in arresting muscle spasms, relieving pain, and fever.
Additionally, it has properties of anti-inflammatory, anti-hypoxia, immune regulation, and liver protection.
Furthermore, it may improve blood circulation of the heart, expanding blood vessels, inhibiting blood platelet clotting.

Notopterygium Root And Rhizome

Veterinarians recommend Notopterygium Root and Rhizome for symptoms from the common cold, chills, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, and general limb or body aches and pains

Red Jujube Fruit

Red jujube fruit may aid sleep, provide relief from constipation, soothe anxiety, regulate blood pressure, and circulation. Additionally, it may improve bone strength


Gypsums benefits include relief for high fevers, headaches, toothaches, and painful gums.

Fragrant Angelica Root

Veterinarians recommend fragrant angelica root for heartburn, intestinal gas, loss of appetite, arthritis, circulation problems, runny nose, nervousness, and trouble sleeping.

Platycodon Root For Cat Nervous System Problems

The extracts from Platycodon roots may exhibit neuroprotective, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-allergy, improved insulin resistance, and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Ginger Rhizome

Ginger Rhizome is often used for the treatment of vomiting and cardiovascular disorders.

Chinese Licorice Root And Rhizome

Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome act as an anti-inflammatory.

Abdominal enlargement

If the abdomen is swollen outward, you can see the difference, and sometimes you can feel it, a distended abdomen can be due to bloating from gas or it can be due to accumulated fluid, tissue, or digestive contents it can be chronic or acute.
Overheating or a serious illness can have build-up of fluid in the abdomen some causes organ enlargement, fluid or a mass in their belly, intestinal parasites and weight gain cats’ claw and calming care can help.


Can cause cats to pant or exhibit heavy breathing.

How to treat Pain.

Fentanyl and morphine, catnip can be used as temporary pain reliever in cats, can also be used as an anti-inflammatory tool that can reduce swelling, rashes, and skin irritation, can also be a digestive aid if your cat has an upset stomach.

Dandelion and Catclaw both these herbs contain cortisone-like properties to relieve itching. Calendula, Chamomile and Echinacea.

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