What are Gastrointestinal Symptoms?

Jun 22 2023

This is caused by infections by bacteria, viruses, and parasites, in most cases the infection will pass in a few days.


What do you need to look out for?

So, what do you need to look out for? A change in normal bowel habits, blood in the stool or the colour is either bright or dark. Unusual abdominal or gas pains. Very narrow stool, unexplained weight loss, fatigue Anaemia a low blood count.

Gastrointestinal systems usually accompany food allergy. So it important to feed your cat good quality food naturally if you know of allergies then avoid these.

A lot of people do not realise the common dangers to cats like some flowers pollen in lilies for example. Or even organic matter and in some cases cleaning materials like bleach and disinfectant which is poisonous to cats.

Other common causes are pollen, fungus, mold or dust the main culprit is usually flea eggs and fleas. Perfumes and colognes, prescription drugs, insect bites, some litters.

Your cat could benefit from home cooked meals supplements vital nutrients. Also washing your cat with appropriate shampoo can help especially with change in season since lose hair and fur can cause fur balls and is a good way of getting rid of unwanted fur and condition the skin.

Cigarettes and cigars are bad for cat and can cause asthma. Signs are Breathing Problems, Diarrhoea, Eye Problems Runny Eyes Skin Problems, Sneezing, Vomiting Wheezing.

If planning to have a cat check about flowers and plants since this could be the hidden cause.

If treated early most cats will experience overall good health recover fully and no long-term effects. However cats that are severely anaemic or suffer from autoimmune diseases or cancer can have a more prognosis and require long-term medication and treatment.

Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. red blood cells provide oxygen to body tissues. This can be B12 Deficiency.

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