How to get Cats to Like Each Other

Jun 22 2023

I have many cats, I did not intend to have cats initially. The reason this happened is because people found their cat was pregnant or they did not want them anymore. And often enough with a cat instead of a kitten they could not find homes, so they were dumped.

This presents an issue how to get cats to get on in my experience. Some cats with similar characteristics show similar traits with other cats.

Firstly, do not rush cats together take your time and keep separate at first. Place food bowls on opposite sides of a closed door to encourage them to be close together. Switch the cats in rooms so they get used to each other’s scent or place bowls apart so they get to eat. If you have a few cats you need to make sure they all get feed.

How long will it take? It can take cats eight to twelve months to develop a friendship with a new cat. Like us some will come friends’ others will not.

I had a brownish grey Bengal marking cat which was not wanted Socks. She would not get on with other cats and hissed at them when they came near her. Yet on her own she was loving and friendly. After the passing of Socks a friend did not want her cat had the same markings and personality. Daisy lives in the garage with her own space and Molly on the other side. She jumps with joy and is now always excited.

Treat all the cats the way they want to be loved. Play with them and love all of them. Do not let them feel left out this will only cause issues with bad cat behaviour and stress.

What to do?

Be there for them, give them attention. A cat will hide and become invisible if they feel left out or bullied. So it’s very important to be aware of change of behaviour. 

Give all the cats treats together not too much catnip so they all enjoy eating what they like together this will help with building relationships.

Do not try and get in between cat fights a sudden movement or noise will normally break them up, keep them separate for a short while, cats can feel threatened if it is impossible may have to try and rehome.

Dominant cats may attempt to establish their dominance in a multiple cat household by hissing, hitting, and growling. They may also urinate outside the litter box to spread their smell and dominate the other cats.

I have two long nose black and white cats, both of these cats which look identical one was dumped the other came from a family I knew are shy and do not want much attention they have similar personalities, and meow the same way, Molly has her space in the garage and is happy and contented.

Blackie who is difficult to get in over the spring summer months, although over winter I have manged to keep him in he keeps his distance from the others and with encouragement I get to give him a fuss he is very loving and has the most beautiful emerald colour eyes.

Cats are my children they can be challenging however by spending time with them and understanding them I get heaps of enjoyment, company and fun worth sorting out.

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