Smell of Urine Changing Cat Litter

Jun 22 2023

One of the issues especially when you have a few cats is the smell of litter trays and how to keep your house fresh.

The first thought is Dettol. However Dettol is actually toxic to cats; and contact with just a very small amount of Dettol is highly poisonous for cats. It could even prove fatal.

So how to clean the trays, lemon, and vinegar? or even washing up liquid or antiseptic solution for cats, rinse them out regularly.

The other issue is with plastic products they stain and can hold the smell. So changing them after a length time can be wise to do.

There are many litter substances with the cheaper litters they can hurt the cat’s paw and be hard to move. Clumpy solid and heavy this can make your cat wanting to pee and urine outside of the box.

With many cats you need to have a few trays since cats are sensitive to other cats. Cats are very clean and do not like dirty trays. You could have a cat box if you have only a few cats.

Some cat litters like paper products and wood chippings you can find over the house since they can stick on the paws and especially when they scrap and flick the substance.

Not to mention blocking drainage or filling the bin.

Not everyone can afford the flushing electric toilets for cats.

Cats that are not spaded will have a stronger smell and even when they are done for the first few weeks will still have that strong smell, is much healthier and better for the pet to be neutered unless you want many kittens.

Cats do not like their trays moved they get used to where the trays are and are creatures of habit.


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