Animal Cruelty

Jun 23 2023

When looking for answers I see a lot of animal cruelty on youtube. People dump and injure dogs and cats, leaving them suffering for days and barely breathing. However, with the provision of expensive pet bills, they manage to survive and loving families adopt them.

Animals suffer emotionally and physically and in a lot of cases do not really get over the trauma. Yet, it seems more and more of this is happening with crises around every corner.

Every day, countless cats, dogs, and other animals suffer and die from the people that are supposed to care for them and protect them. From physical violence, emotional abuse and life-threatening neglect are daily realities for many animals.

People with mental illness or breeders hoarding these people hide under shelters or rescues. With hundreds of sick, starved, wounded, dying and dead animals have been found in raids of such institutional hoarding facilities.

They will often have mass of many animals. They will fail to provide for animals physical and social needs, including food, water, medical care and sanitary and living conditions. Often they offer excuses for or deny the abysmal living conditions of their animals and in cases their children.

Often the animals will be found in tiny cages or crates stacked. And accumulated feces and urine which often cover every surface in hoarders’ residences.



With this amount of high ammonia levels, can burn skin, eyes and lungs. Parasites infestations and disease outbreaks spread quickly in these crowded conditions. Food and water are usually inadequate if provided at all.

Often enough these types of situations will create monsters and the children’s values are compromised some that cannot cope will be high on drug or alcohol usage using whatever means to hide their addiction and excuses for their behaviour. Of course, often when action is taken these souls have suffered so much that life is not worth living the beauty of life taken away for ever.

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