Why is my Cat Always Itchy?

Jun 23 2023

It is important that your cat’s is clean and fluffy and feels soft and smooth when you pet her. If you discover redness, lumps, flaking or signs of irritation when you pet her, she may have a skin condition that requires treatment.

Look out for an increase in scratching, licking, or itching in places. Dermatitis which is a common skin irritation it has many causes and forms and usually itchy dry skin or a rash. It might cause the skin to blister ooze crust or flake off some owners struggle with this.

Some recommendations Anicura, Anti Yeast and AnitiBacterial solution, Coconut oil which can help with overall skin and coat health. The most common causes of itching are parasites, infections and allergies. There are many skin diseases that do not initially cause itching.

However, itching may develop with these diseases due to secondary bacterial or yeast infections. It is possible that by the time itching develops the initial cause is long gone. Feline miliary dermatitis is a term used to describe a skin condition that results in an allergic reaction. They are small, crusted lesions can be felt rather than seen.


Clinical signs of Miliary Dermatitis are when an affected cat will have a very itchy rash and may lick, bite, and scratch at the affected skin. In some cases, simple touching the affected skin causes the cat to scratch, lick or twitch. The rash quickly progresses to small lesions with scabs can result in self-trauma or an allergic reaction.

Areas mostly affected are lower spine around the base of the tail, face, ears, neck flanks and belly, the coat becomes thin in areas. The most common cause is flea bites, and a single bite may be enough to provoke a severe skin reaction. So flea control is important. Sometimes it can be food allergies, flea dirt, mites, lice, nutritional deficiencies, and infectious and immune mediated diseases. 

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