Nov 6 2023

I come from Australia I moved to England to use as a base and travel around Europe before going back, except I decided to stay in England from 1992.

I lived mainly on the East Coast of Australia in NSW, and it is said that our favourite unique Koala Bear may be extinct before 2050 after all people must breed and have some where to live.

I came across the voice of nature in NSW, I have always loved the koala bear and to lose this species would be horrific.

Cutting down trees for urban development, logging and agriculture is destroying koala habitat and threatens their existence yet the government is failing to protect the kola habitat.

Also, with climate worming and wildfires Koalas have nowhere to go except to burn to death.

Koala numbers in NSW have been declining for decades. Since the 1990’s one in four koalas were lost with habitat loss the leading cause. Then the Black Summer bushfires killed an estimated 8,000 kolas in NSW, leaving only 20,000 remaining in the wild.

With destructive developments, mines, native forest logging and agricultural land clearing of koala habitat has put a further toll on the species.

The NSW Coalition has not taken appropriate measures to expand the national parks estate to incorporate areas of core habitat for koalas and populations.

In April this year NSW Government will make a massive decision regarding how koalas are protected on rural land throughout the state via changes to regulatory codes. This is a huge moment for koalas, with these changes set up to impact 80% of the state either pushing kolas to the brink or support their recovery.

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