Sally’s Story

Why Is The Success Of A   Cat Community Important?

In 2018 Sally decided to do an online shop to assist cat owners. It started when a lodger brought along a cat Angel which became Sally’s pet.

Then a cat that has sores and tar on its fur Sally rescued Spot became a member of the family with the sores treated and tar removed Spot soon put on weight and was a pillar of health.

Spot brought along Snowy who became the next member of the family.

The cats adored the owner and on the odd occasion when a friend looked after them the cats would sit on top of the car every day waiting for the owner to come home.

Life from that point was never easy Sally was never good enough never belonged always felt out on a limb always rejected.

Welfare Of The   Cats

In later years of Sally’s life in here area where she lived cats were dumped because of this they were lost souls, thin and had health issues, knowing how important it is to be loved and belong always paid an important part therefore from three cats the cat population grew was soon a mother to fourteen cats.

This brought many challengers vets bills were high and in a very short time realized some vets did not really care about the cat, money it seemed was more important than the welfare of the cat.

A lot of research happened and, in most cases, had answers to the cat problems, their personalities changed they became loving, with care and attention bad behaviors became good behaviors.

They had a variety of good quality foods, put weight on their appearance, changed, they looked well and loved and gave back a lot more.

Life was never the same

Loneliness never happened because the cats provided so much and to see them flourish was so rewarding.

Unfortunately, with every penny spent companies did not provide the service and this was very costly. The driving force was many cat owners out their needed help and needed answers, so the decision was made since another company did not deliver.

Sally remembered her grandfather’s words of wisdom but out of every bit of bad luck comes good luck, sometimes the path to the road must change to make good things happen. Therefore, to build a community where people can get answers to their concerns and not have to spend a fortune to make a difference and change what is not right and make the pet community a better place for cat owners.

Thank you for spreading the kitty love!

Your share means the world to us at Get Cat Crazy. Together, let’s make the world a happier place, one purr at a time.

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