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Sally Gilson loves cats, she rescues and cares for abandoned cats, providing support to the community and fellow feline enthusiasts.

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Getcatcrazy is a community for all cat lovers, so they get the best for their pet by joining forces with other pet lovers. This provides you with the best since love is what makes a difference. So why not get involved and ask away because knowledge from getcatcrazy and other pet owners makes a huge difference.

Our knowledge comes from the collective experiences of caring individuals who share a passion for feline welfare. Join our community and connect with like-minded individuals who strive to provide the best for their pets. By contributing to the site, you help improve the quality of information available and make a difference in the cat world. Be part of the change you want to see and have fun in the process. Join us now and experience the joy of belonging to a supportive community!

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Animal Cruelty

When looking for answers I see a lot of animal cruelty on you tube dogs and cats being dumped…

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